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17 07 2008

okay…..breathe…..here we go….

Welcome to the LKemE International Blog

My name is Michael. In 2005 I started LKemE™ (pronounced ‘Alchemy’) in Christchurch, New Zealand (have a look- http://LKemE.com) after 13 years of study and interest in natural medicine and science. The truth be known this interest spawned from a much younger age.

Inspired At A Young Age

At three my mother was diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer. After a course of severe chemotherapy (she filled two large rubbish bags with drugs when she decided to stop taking the medication) for several months there was still no improvement. The specialists then resorted to drastic means.

……My mother was given a 70% of dying in theatre during surgery and a 1 in 10 chance of surviving more than a year IF the surgery was successful. She underwent a resection of over 70% of her digestive system – ie her digestive system would now be about the size of a small fist. After the surgery she underwent a three year regimen of juices (primarily vegetable), a vegetarian diet, herb, mineral and vitamin supplementation. All this was monitored by a qualified naturopath and an understanding specialist. Miraculously my mother made a full recovery and with no sign of the cancer since (30 years and counting!), lives a normal life with a normal diet. Quite an inspiration huh?

The Family

I am married to Amanda and we have two beautiful children Patrick and Daniel. One born on the Summer Solstice (longest day of the year), the other born on the Winter Solstice (shortest day of the year) – well at least for us it is being here in the Southern Hemisphere…..I’m not sure if it’s auspicious or something….Or is it just plain freaky???…..I guess we’ll have to wait and see 😉

Always On The Fringe

Along with these alternatives I’ve created several niche products from my research in nutriceuticals and supplementation primarily for the treatment of depression, arthritis, osteoporosis, alcoholism and obesity:

Frame™ and Flex™: a two part dosage for the treatment of arthritis, osteoporosis and joint and ligament injuries. Frame™ taken once a day and Flex™ taken once a day for three months of the year.

NoHO™: a treatment for hangover recovery and prevention – basically as good as not drinking at all! Works in about 10-15 minutes flat. Kudzu is one the primary ingredients in this.

NitroBar™: a completely natural food bar with over 100 scientifically researched beneficial ingredients that gives the equivalent energy of a three course meal in a 70gm bar. I also pioneered a method of preservation that keeps the bars ingredients completely safe and effective for consumption for over five years. Great for survival and ration packs.

Kalm™: a completely natural anti-depressant based on 5HTP (a pre-cursor to Serotonin – the ‘happy’ hormone) and St Johns wort. I’ve had excellent results on this with some people coming off a five year regime of Prozac and going onto Kalm™ and achieving better results than with Prozac. On top of this some have also become completely ‘clean’ in a matter of months ie being able to come off all anti-depressant treatments.

NuYu™: a natural fat-loss formulation that incorporates three scientifically verified methods of burning body fat ie the ACE (Aspirin, Caffeine & Ephedrine) Stack, L-Arginine and Chromium Polynicotate. I personally lost 36kgs with this formulation in a month and a half and kept it off for five years. My bodyfat percentage went from 32% down to 11.5% in that time also.

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